About Us


Soul Spa emulates the serene atmosphere of Tulum, creating a sanctuary where you can relieve, restore & repair your body through professional massage therapy. 

Our skilled therapists have honed their techniques over the years to ensure you receive the ultimate healing experience.

Call us at (310)317-7717 to book an appointment today.


Our talented team is made up of experienced masseurs who respect and focus on the customer at all times. We pride ourselves on professionalism, passion and service. 


To get the most out of your massage, try to free your thoughts, relax your mind, and focus on taking deep breaths before it begins. 

Relax your body and let the therapist do the work while you take in the peaceful atmosphere. Give honest feedback to the therapist. You may talk or be quiet during the session; your therapist will take your lead! 

Turn off your cell phone. Remove jewelry. Use the restroom prior to treatment. Understand that you... Read more

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